Andrzej Styrna in his studio
Andrzej Styrna

„Surrealism is not a poetic form. It is a scream of the soul that turns against itself and is desperately determined to destroy its restraints.”

André Breton

Andrzej Styrna was born in Bytom in 1962.


He has been expressing his thoughts and feelings through art since his early years. First, depicting them on paper – drawing, then on canvas, painting pictures in the unique atmosphere and captivating colours. At present he paints using traditional techniques, in a surrealistic trend, where he breaks away from reality and destroys logical order. His paintings create an unforgettable aura of visual-mental catharsis, they are energetic, they emanate different moods and they are disturbing...  


After the first successful group and individual (the author's) exhibitions he shared the passion and work - successfully building a network of one of the largest clothing companies on the market.
However, the artist's soul, torn by the lack of regular creation, won and in 2006 he opened a new studio and his intense artistic work began. In 2008 he organized a successful vernissage in the D'Art Gallery of the Holliday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, thus beginning a new stage in his career. Then followed a series of exhibitions, including the ones in Katowice, Bytom, Kraków and Białystok. The artist's exhibitions attract many followers of fine art, which transports us into a different world. This world is - as he says - his asylum, his vision of the good and evil, tears or laughter. The buyers of his works are often art and culture supporters or politicians, and they are hung as decorations in private galleries in the country and abroad.